Turn Your Graphic Style and Scribbles into Reality with Stable Diffusion — Here’s How!

Lisha Dai
8 min readNov 7, 2023

AI makes everyone an artist. It also makes creating a beautiful picture feel like a low-tech thing to do.

And what I said above is definitely NOT TRUE.

Even without talking about the authenticity of AI usage, when we ask AI to draw a thing, it doesn’t always come back to the result we wish for.

My first attempt of generating some beautiful elves turns out to be some horrible monsters.
My first attempt at creating an AI image with DALL·E was a horror story \(〇_o)/

After creating the most horrifying creature I could ever imagine, I halted my use of AI tools to generate images for months. But now the software has evolved, and I’ve resumed my research to determine if I can harness AI’s power to support my illustration work. Coincidentally, my iPad screen is broken, providing another good excuse to seek assistance and simplify my illustration work.

To get the AI draw for my style and my scribbles, here are several topics I need to know.

  1. Which AI tool shall I use and how to use it?
  2. How do I train a model using my drawing style?
  3. How do I get the composition closer to my imagination?
  4. How do I change anything I want in an image?



Lisha Dai

Hello, I am a passionate product designer and a storyteller based in Finland. I would like to use comics to share my design learnings with you all ❤