Alone in a UI/UX Project? Spar with ChatGPT to Get Some Ideas

Lisha Dai
5 min readJul 13, 2023

When ChatGPT first came into our sight, people panicked, fearing AI would take over our jobs. However, we soon realised that AI isn’t here to replace us; rather, those who know how to leverage AI might.

What we initially thought was, ‘AI takes our jobs? Nooo… don’t take my job!’ But in reality, it’s the person who can master AI that may potentially replace you.

That’s why we should embrace working with AI as our tool and partner.

As a solo designer in my current project, I’ve had the opportunity to extensively spar with ChatGPT, enabling me to efficiently gain insights on the topics I need to work on. Hence, I want to share my UI/UX workflow with AI in this article.

Let’s consider a scenario where I need to enhance the help centre design to help users solve their queries more efficiently. I approach this task by following five steps:

1. Leverage AI for Best Practices and Examples

A girl asks, “ChatGPT, I want to create a help centre for a marketing site. What are the best practices and examples for that?” ChatGPT responds, “Here are a few best practices for creating a good help centre: easy to find, clear and concise content, search functionality, multimedia content, personalisation, and a feedback mechanism.” ChatGPT then provides some good examples: Dropbox, HubSpot, and Canva.

To start with, you can seek advice from ChatGPT on best practices and examples. Here are the prompts I use to gather insights:

Question 1: ask for the best practices.



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