When I was a junior-level designer, I had been wondering how to advance in my career. Reflecting on my earlier way of working, I have come up with ten signs which indicate that I am getting more senior. …

Illustration plays an essential role in UI/UX design. As a designer, you don’t have to draw. However, it is crucial to know when to use illustrations for the user flow.

So when is the best moment to use an illustration in my design?

Let’s check it out.

1. When your user achieves something, enhance the hero moment with illustrations

Practical tips from Steal Like an Artist

The cover of Steal Like an Artist

Do you find yourself sometimes lacking creativity? Have you wondered how genius designers create stunning concepts? Is there any magic?

The book Steal Like an Artist written by Austin Kleon shows us how to “steal” from other artists and use the “stolen” ideas morally — to boost your creativity.


A happy woman with her dream job

Have you ever wondered, “How do I know if my job is the best fit for me?” Just as there is more than one true love for you in the world, there is also more than one ideal job that suits you. …

So vision-impaired users will gain a comparable experience to those who can see well

A designer is handing off a mockup with notes to a developer.

When delivering a list of rectangular interfaces to developers, have you consider how visually impaired users perceive your design? If you haven’t thought about this question yet, most likely, the developer is doing your job — translating the visual journey into an auditory experience via coding.

If you want to…

There is a multitude of ways users may use their mobile phones, and we need to consider these habits early on. So, how can we create accessible designs that meet theirs needs?

Let’s dive right in.

Don’t rely on only drag and hover functions

Two years ago, I wasn’t aware that people use mobile devices in different ways. Until one day, a colleague showed me how a vision-impaired user navigates a website. From then, I started to view this world differently.

I used to think that implementing designs in an accessible way was the…

I was still a junior designer when some of my classmates moved on to more senior roles. So I started to think about what had made the difference.

My friend had an interesting theory about it.

Lisha Dai

Hello, I am a passionate product designer and a storyteller base in Finland. I would like to use my comic skills to share my design learnings with you all ❤

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